Pandora in Greek Mythology

Pandora—-The woman of the world.




Mankind’s creation in Greek mythology is one of great mystery and marvel, especially when discussing female deities. In these times, men and women were not created, as men existed far before the coming of women. However, the creation of Pandora all started with Zeus giving the task of creating the first mortal woman by gods, Athena and Hephaestus. Legend has it that Pandora was crafted of the earth and given the breath of air by the Four Winds. Once her body was ready and life was given, she soon quickly descended down to earth from up above, along an intricately carved box given to her by the messenger god, Hermes, which came from Zeus.


Pandora’s name means all-gifted, implying all the gifts she had received from gods. All of the Olympians had a part in the creation of the wonderful Pandora. Zeus gave her the voice of a human and great strength. Aphrodite gave to her unparalleled beauty. Hermes, the messenger god, gave her wit. Athena clothed her. Poseidon gifted her with a pearl necklace to prevent her from drowning, and last but not least, Hera gave her the most interesting gift of all, curiosity.




And curious Pandora was. The modern phrase “Pandora’s Box” derives from Dutch theologian Erasmus of Rotterdam in the 16th century, when translating the poem of Hesiod. Despite the warning of evils held in Pandora’s box, humans were still given hope to encourage us. Pandora was not crafted by the gods to punish man but to show that the gods of Mount Olympus could do a better job than other failing gods had done. It was just the attributes that had been given to Pandora that brought great strife and suffering to mankind. This is why we, the Krewe of Pandora celebrate her for restoring hope back into humanity, a task no other god could’ve done!


We believe that all women are warriors and must embrace their inner goddess.  The women in the Krewe of Pandora is a representation of Pandora, soaked in symbolism.


Join us as we believe womanhood as sacred, abundant, necessary, connected, spiritual, vital. Like the wonderful Pandora, we believe women are bringers of life and enjoy having fun with amazing ladies we connect with through Mardi Gras and all through the year.

Krewe of Pandora

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