Krewe of Pandora Boxes

How does a simple box turn into an all female Mardi Gras Krewe special throw?  Everyone loves catching a special treasure at a parade, but the Krewe of Pandora throws boxes.  How does a plain box turn into a beautiful treasure for people to want to keep?

Watch as our members explain where some of their inspiration comes from and how a box can go from plain and boring to bejeweled and beautiful!

As you can see, much time thought and love goes into each box that is thrown from the floats.  The members of the Krewe of Pandora are each allowed to bring  20 boxes on the float with them.  To be considered an official krewe box, the end result must display the year and Pandora or KOP.

Some members choose to make a few extra boxes ahead of the parade in order to give to family and friends ahead of time.  In a crowd of people, making sure your family or friends catch the box created just for them can be tough so boxes are given as gifts way ahead of time.

Each box created hopefully ends up on display on bookshelves in homes or on desks in offices.  Everyone loves to talk about beauftiful Mardi Gras throws that were made just for them.

The Ladies of Pandora can’t wait to show you what they have already started working on for the 2019 parade.  Some members have started their work very early this year and have posted pictures to the Krewe of Pandora’s Instagram account.

Even though the krewe colors are Tiffany blue and Black, members get to be creative with their boxes and ideas flow with beautiful glittered treasures.




You can be in that number with us, making beautiful jeweled boxes to throw your friends.  Visit us for more information!



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