Corporate Sponsorships: How Riding With Pandora Can Be A Great Incentive For A Job Well Done

The Krewe of Pandora offers Corporate Sponsorships!

Among the many activities corporate event professional can do to celebrate a special event, or just get together as a team, there’s truly nothing like riding on a float n a Mardi Gras parade —  which can be quite a thrill with the Krewe of Pandora! If you wish to improve the relationship of your employees and keep them motivated, planning a good corporate event may be the perfect solution.

Successful corporate events require a delicate balance between interactive, productive, and fun and we should tell you that we put the “p” in party! Mardi Gras is pure sensory overload, and certainly there is no attraction that defines this celebration better than its parades. Honoring the festivals mystique by being in decked out in masks and costumes while riding on a float is exactly what makes being being a part of Pandora extra special. We all know what an unengaging event looks like: droning speakers, staff members checking their watches, people dozing off in their folding chairs, but riding in our float will be nothing like this. The tossing of throws, returned fun smiles, shout-outs, and blown kisses are all what makes Interacting with Mardi Gras revalers nothing less than exhilarating and the perfect team building event for your staff. If the goal is to teach new skills among your staff of professionals, then experiencing Mardi Gras with Pandora is an interactive activity that can strengthen your team.

Traditions were always fun to keep, and riding our float will help you boost employee morale and productivity. For any business, employee morale is an extremely significant aspect because the truth is, it can either make or break your organization. Not only will riding our floats make for super excited and happy employees, but it will also attract potentially new clients and customers, but so too are fellow sponsors and vendors! You can form new business partnerships on our floats and meet other like-minded individuals in complementary businesses while riding on our floats at one of the biggest street parties in the nation. We promise to ensure your staff a party that’s packed with fun and comfortable for everyone!

An activity-based event not only boosts the employee morale, but also adds team spirit among your employees. If you’re interested in doing something different for your corporate event this year, come party with Pandora in Jefferson Parish and fill out the membership level and application on our site. Start building the relationships that will yield you plenty of fun today. Trust, you’ll be glad you did! 

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